All in this together! Teacher Education and Social Justice – Registration Now OPEN!!

Education is meant to be the great leveller, the great equalizer that also enables all learners develop their capacities and excel. From a social justice perspective, there is agreement that full appreciation of differences in linguistic background, class, culture, gender, ability, and race should be taken into account in our education policies and practices. How do we understand and enact social justice so that we can ensure we are ‘all in this together’? This year’s SCoTENS conference offers a timely opportunity to critically consider this major theme and examine questions such as:

  • How can teachers, teacher educators and education leaders be both educators and advocates for social justice?
  • To what extent can and should education be held to account for reducing inequalities?
  • How can education itself, through schooling and teacher education, help redistribute educational and other opportunities?
  • In what ways is education in the form of schooling, teacher education, accountability systems, assessment procedures, curriculum reform etc. complicit in constraining the democratic ideal?

Taking the view that social justice and teacher education is a form of action and a journey, rather than a destination to be arrived at, the SCoTENS organisers invite delegates to pose their own questions and contribute to the dialogue in the company of Professor Stephen Ball who will provoke and challenge us in his keynote address and a Panel of Speakers who will further inspire us through insights into their perspectives and practices.

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