An investigation into alterophobia (prejudice directed towards members of ‘alternative’ sub-cultures) amongst young people

Ref: 07-2013/4-north
Name: S. Minton
Email Address:
Phone Number: + 353 1 896 2216
Institution Address: Trinity College Dublin
Seeking a partner/s in: Northern Ireland

‘Alterophobia’, refers to prejudice directed towards members of ‘alternative’ sub‐cultures, and has been manifest in criminal cases such as the murders of Sophie Lancaster (England, 2007) and Brian Deneke (USA, 1997). Previous research on this island (Minton, 2012) showed that amongst a sample of 824 fifth‐year secondary school students in the Republic of Ireland, alterophobia was evident in patterns of bullying behaviour, with members of ‘alternative’ sub‐cultures (‘moshers / rockers’, ‘goths’, and ‘emos’) being perceived as being more likely to be bullied, and members of ‘non‐alternative’ sub‐cultures (‘chavs’ and ‘D4s’) being perceived as being more likely to bully others.

I would like to co‐design, along with a partner from Northern Ireland, a project which would examine alterophobia amongst young people in more depth and detail, probably involving qualitative methods of enquiry and analysis.