Year 8 Diversity & Inclusion


These lessons and units of work have been designed feed into the existing scheme of work in Sullivan Upper School Art Dept., integrating elements of the entitlement for Citizenship education in year 8 with relevant aspects of Art & Design:


Resources : (Right click link to download)


Term 1: Basic skills and Early Artforms  

The investigation of artforms and styles from a range of cultures naturally links in with the concept of exploring cultural diversity. 

Introductory lesson  Visual Language an introduction to both projects


Term 2: Portraits  

Unit of work

Introductory lesson  Exploring influences on identity

Powerpoint on Portraits and supporting notes

Powerpoint on African Masks and supporting notes

Handout for analysing portraits

Handout on drawing the eye

Handout on drawing the nose


Term 3: A Short Project on Community  and Cultural Diversity  


Online Resources :

Self Portrait UK - nationwide portrait painting project

Britkids - ethnic diversity in the UK & teaching resources

Respect for all; art & design - QCA guidelines