Diversity in the Community - Fabric collage - group project


This short unit of work is designed to follow on from the Portraits modules and to encourage pupils, having considered their own identity, to begin to consider the diversity that exists in the local community.

It is an extension of the  community mapping exercise within the Citizenship scheme of work, translating the idea of mapping out the community in terms of cultural symbols and representations of other peoples' lives into a developed piece of art work.

It is a group project and aims to develop group working skills and encourage pupils to discuss their community as they work.


The outcome is a fabric collage, using a variety of materials to create a colourful tapestry-like effect.  The reference to the map is preserved by using a base layer of gauze onto which the sections of the map are attached and decorated, leaving gaps between sections where roads are.  The piece could be displayed against a window in the school,  allowing light through the gauze and giving the impression of a leaf-like network of veins and roads running between the collaged areas.


Unit of work (right click to download)