Foundations Disciplines and Teacher Education: Opportunities and Challenges

Ref: 05-2014/5-north
Name: A.Canny, E. O’Sullivan and A. Neary
Email Address:
Phone Number: +353-61-204598
Institution Address: Mary Immaculate College and University of Limerick
Seeking a partner/s in: Northern Ireland

Organising a one day conference which will discuss and debate the contribution and role of the foundation disciplines in teacher education.

The foundation disciplines challenge students to critically reflect on a range of issues such as their role as teachers, to the politicised nature of education and the way in which education, teaching and learning are influenced by society and societal change. Essentially to link theory to practice. While educational research is the foundation of teachers, there is significant cultural change required for teachers to move beyond the mere teacher as instructor to teacher as researcher. This is not without its challenges. Anyone teaching in the foundation disciplines is very aware that student teachers do not see the foundation disciplines as relevant to their role as a teacher. It is hoped that this conference will debate and raise questions surrounding the value of the foundation disciplines to education (theory, policy and practice).
Some of the topics we envisage that would be discussed:
1. What we understand by the foundation disciplines and how we make them relevant to students and teacher educators
2. The place of the foundation disciplines in this era of evidence based practice
3. Linking Pedagogy and the foundations disciplines
4. Educational theory, policy and practice dilemmas