Investigating the impact of the ‘Active Schools Flag’ and exploring the potential for a similar initiative within Northern Ireland’s primary sector.

Ref: 03/05/2020 - 12032020
Name: Mr Steven Park
Email Address:
Phone Number: 02870 123503
Institution Address: Ulster University
Seeking a partner/s in: Republic of Ireland

This research project seeks to investigate the impact that the ‘Active School Flag’ has had on primary schools in the Republic of Ireland, thinking specifically about the delivery of physical education and the focus on promoting healthier lifestyles across the wider school community. Furthermore, similar awards, programmes and initiatives from around the world, such as the ‘Active Schools Network’ in Scotland and the ‘Physical Literacy: Guide for Schools’ in Australia will also be examined, in order to consider international success stories and lessons learnt within the following areas:

1. PE as an Area of Learning – delivering a primary curriculum that is progressive, inclusive, broad and balanced.

2. Participation in Physical Activity – maximising: the time allocated to PE in each primary year group; recreational activities at break and lunch and each school’s extra-curricular provision.

3. Whole School Community – fostering partnerships across and beyond the school.

4. Holistic Health – educating all members of the school community on the connection between healthier lifestyles and improved holistic well-being, ie healthy body, healthy mind.

Building on this research, this project aims to create a similar ‘Active Schools’ initiative that would be suitable for implementation within Northern Ireland’s primary sector.