Narrative Emergence in the Work of Widening Participation Initiatives Supporting Teacher Diversity

Ref: 04/07/2021 - 3312022
Name: Dr Gareth Burns
Email Address:
Phone Number: +353873731983
Institution Address: Maynooth University
Seeking a partner/s in: Northern Ireland

This research project reflects upon the emergence of multiple dimensions, and dynamics, of narrative in the ongoing work of widening participation projects/initiatives focused on supporting teacher diversity. This study will reflect on the creation of critically reflexive spaces for the telling and retelling of emerging narratives (Clandinin & Connelly, 2000) of communities of learners, educators and activists in response to enduring, inclusive and ‘risky’ questions such as ‘what it is to be a teacher?’ and ‘what do we want to change in education?’. The potential of narrative spaces and processes to disorientate the wider field of teacher education and the hegemonic stories that circulate in the profession on what it is to be a teacher will also be considered.