PAINT: Investigating Possibilities and Pitfalls of Arts INtegration

Ref: 02/07/2019 - 13
Name: michael flannery
Email Address:
Phone Number: 018057727
Institution Address: Marino Institute of Education, Dublin
Seeking a partner/s in: Northern Ireland

Cross-curricular learning has a long pedigree in education. Yet despite many educators advocating for integrated approaches to teaching, learning and assessment, the practice of such approaches with the arts can be of varying quality. Cross–curricular connections with the arts can be tokenistic or contrived through skewed integration with other domains of learning. With increased attention paid to the arts from a STEM to STE(A)M, creative skills/ dispositions transfer, and multi-literacies development standpoint, this is an opportune time for collaborative and concerted research. Consequently, this project will explore types, merits and challenges of arts integration from different perspectives. A partnership with another university would allow for productive discussion, dialogic reflection and knowledge creation regarding quality learning in, with and through the arts that could enhance pre-service teacher provision, continuing professional development and classroom practice in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.