Retired Professionals Mentoring Programme in Education and the Community

Ref: 01/31/2017-13 - North
Name: Dr Trudy Corrigan
Email Address:
Phone Number: 01 8842288
Institution Address: Dublin City University
Seeking a partner/s in: Northern Ireland

This programme aims to capture the tacit knowledge, wisdom, competence and skills of recently retired professionals in a voluntary mentoring capacity for the benefit of educational programmes in primary, second level, community education and third level education. The aim is to match the knowledge, competence and skills of retired professionals to programmes, initiatives and opportunities within education and the wider community. This will be in the use of knowledge and skills such as project management skills, teaching, team work and other competences which can promote high quality contribution to knowledge development, literacy and numeracy skills, digital literacy skills,intercultural and intergenerational exchange of knowledge. In return retired professionals will be presented with a variety of opportunities to continue to use their knowledge and skills in a reciprocal sharing of knowledge which is beneficial for both themselves and other educational initiatives set within the wider community.