School-University Partnership Research (SUPR) Project

Ref: 08-2013/4-north
Name: M. Heinz
Email Address:
Phone Number: 091 49 3873
Institution Address: NUI, Galway
Seeking a partner/s in: Northern Ireland

During the academic year 2011/12, the School of Education in NUI Galway piloted a new and innovative Partnership School Placement Model for its student teachers which has since been developed and implemented in close collaboration with 26 self‐selected partner schools.  The SUPR (school‐ university partnership research) project explores (i) the needs, perspectives, role perceptions and experiences of the different participants (student teachers, practicing teacher, principals, HEI teaching practice tutors) contributing to this initiative; (ii) outcomes of the initiative particularly in terms of the development of collaborative mentoring approaches and student as well as teacher learning; and (iii) ethical and cultural platforms for school‐university collaboration and their theoretical underpinnings. In‐depth interviews have been conducted with a sample of participating student teachers, practicing teachers, principals and university tutors and data analysis is ongoing. Results of this research project can inform national policy on matters relating to initial teacher education and the teaching profession more generally.  They will furthermore make a contribution to research on practice learning and educational partnerships in Ireland and internationally.

PI: Dr. Manuela Heinz