SCoTENS Research Webinar 2023

As part of our ongoing series of online eventSCoTENS hosted a very successful research focused webinar on 14 March 2023.



This event was aimed at members of SCoTENS and comprised of the following: short presentations by a small group of team members who have been successful in recent SCoTENS funded projects; the launch of our Annual Report by Mr Andy Pollak, and the presentation of this year’s John Coolahan award by Prof Kathy Hall,Professor of Education, University College Cork to the authors of the Seed Funding Reports recognised to be the most in line with the values and ideals of SCoTENS.  This year the SCoTENS sub-committee decided to present two very worthwhile projects with the award, the first ITRB project by Dr Catherine Stapleton and Dr James Nelson and secondly, VOTE PE project by Associate Prof Tony Sweeney, Dr David McKee and Dr Maura Coulter, Suzie Macken PhD and Ciaran Walsh.  From 3.00pm to 3.30pm Dr Conor Galvin facilitated a short Q&A session to support potential applicants to this year’s seed funding programme. 

SCoTENS would like to thank those who participated in the very rewarding event.  We are delighted with the contributions by participants and it is reassuring to hear that the work and values held dear by SCoTENS are valued and shared by so many of our colleagues.

If you missed out on the webinar, or indeed would like to watch it again please catch up at the link below!

Dr Conor Galvin’s very helpful document on the Seed Funding Briefing can be found below:

SCoTENS Seedfunding Briefing