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 Special Education Needs



Andrew Andrew has ADHD and Autism Photo of Teacher in Class
Rachel Rachel is 10 and has cerebral palsy.
Noel Noel is 9 and has Aspergers.
Peter Peter is 9 and finds it hard to control his anger.
Jamie Despite his learning difficulties, I discovered he had an interest in electricity.......
Annie Although confined to a wheelchair, Annie loves to take part in the summer playscheme.
Jackie The children in her class have been taught to share...
Bobby Bobby can present behaviour difficulties because he finds it difficult to accept authority.
Sandra Although she recognised her temper outbursts her defence was always, "It wasn't my fault..........."
Robert Robert's attempts to communicate were found very amusing by the other children.
Daniel & Adam Two brothers with muscular dystrophy.

Blind since birth, Declan continually asks, "Why?"

Paul Paul always has to be at the front of the line...
Lisa A gifted pupil, Lisa sat her GCSE German at 12...
Eamonn "Eamonn is of average ability but has major dyslexic tendencies......"
Kathleen & Jennifer Two girls with Down's Syndrome, successfully integrated into post-primary school.
Sally & Gary Both children have dyscalculia but display different problems.
Jack Typical of many children with Aspergers, Jack is very friendly, even to strangers.
Jason Jason has Tourette's syndrome; he cannot sit quiet and still for even a few minutes.


Mr and Mrs Black

We want Ben to go the local school, just like our other children did.

Teacher at Computer

Mrs McIlgorm

Mrs McIlgorm likes to chat.

Classroom Assistants


Mary is a classroom assistant in a boys' school


Margaret has been in the school a long time.

Medical Professionals


Claire believes in a partnership between teachers and other professionals.


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