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 Special Education Needs


Scenarios 2


Claire is a speech and language therapist.  She has recently taken up a newly created post to work in mainstream education.  She covers a wide geographical area and could not possibly treat all children on an individual basis.  Claire's belief is that all children can benefit from language activities and that this practise should be integrated into the daily routine of infant classrooms.

However, in one school with two P1 classes the reception she gets is very different.  Before her visit she lets the classroom assistant know what resources/arrangements will be required for her session and when she arrives in classroom 1 everybody is enthusiastically waiting on her.  In classroom 2 she is usually greeted by the teacher saying, "Thank goodness, you're here.  I've a million things to do now I've got peace".  She then proceeds to do her marking or other tasks while Claire takes her class for language activities.

Study Points

Do you feel that there is a role for the teacher in delivering speech and language therapy?

How can Claire encourage Teacher 2 to embrace the activities?

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