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 Special Education Needs

Legislation, Policy and Guidance

Development of Special Education in the Republic of Ireland (Overview) (pdf)
Development of Special Education in Northern Ireland (Overview) (pdf)

The 1996 Education Act (NI)

The Code of Practice 1998 (NI)

Promoting and Sustaining Good Behaviour in Schools(NI)

SeNDO Legislation (2005) (Special Educational Needs Disability Bill)

The 1998 Education Act (RoI)

Three Step Model (RoI)

Guidelines for Students with General Learning Disabilities (RoI)

Learning Support Guidelines (RoI)

Guidelines Towards a Positive Policy for School Behaviour and Discipline (RoI)

Education for Persons with Disabilities Bill (2003)

EPSEN_Act_2004 (RoI)

Circular SP.ED 01/05 (deals with functions ofNational Council for Special Education)

Disability / SEN / Education legislation (includes press releases from 1998 - 2005)

Irish Exemption. in some circumstances pupils with SEN can be exempted from Irish.

What does SEN mean? (NI) (RoI)

Study Points

What impact has the 'inclusion agenda' had on the education of children with special educational needs?

Article to read

Add your views to the discussion agenda.

What is an Education Plan? an I.E.P.

Further Information

Special Education (RoI)

Government Circulars (RoI)

Removing Barriers to Achievement Government Strategy for SEN (Refers to England 2004)  - linked to

Every Child Matters (a website which provides information on current issues in mainland UK, some of which will or may affect NI education)


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