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 Special Education Needs


If you have a pupil in your class who has medical needs then it is important that you have a thorough knowledge of the school's policy on administration of medicines or aid.  Adherence to this is vital.  You might like to take your Union's advice on this. 

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Even if the school policy does not normally allow teachers to administer medical aid, there may be occasions, either emergencies or on outings etc. when you may have to be responsible for a pupil's medical needs.

If you are required to administer medical aid of any kind it is important to talk to parents and get full written details of dosage, procedure etc.

Some emergencies you might have to deal with:

Epileptic Fits Hypoglaecaemia Haemophiliac bleeding Asthmatic Attack
Coeliac Disease Cystic Fibrosis Diabetes Epilepsy

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