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 Special Education Needs

People & Roles -


  1. Is responsible for the day to day operation of the school's SEN policy
  1. Is responsible for answering requests for advice from teachers
  1. Is responsible for the co-ordination of provision, including liaison with all teachers involved.
  1. Is responsible for maintaining SEN register for all pupils with special needs.
  1. Is responsible for establishing and contributing to SEN inset training
  1. Is responsible for liaison with external agencies
  2. Should keep written notes of all correspondence, tests and contacts with parents and other parties.


When a child is identified (Stage 1):

  1. The SENCO should ensure child is placed on register.
  1. The SENCO should help and advise the class teacher on assessing the child

At Stage 2:

  1. The SENCO is primarily responsible for assessing, planning, monitoring and reviewing child's provision and progress.
  1. The SENCO should consult with outside agencies involved with the child.
  1. The SENCO with the classroom teacher, should draw up an Education Plan (EP)

At Stage 3:

  1. The SENCO still takes a leading role but shares responsibility for the child with the external specialist services.
  1. The SENCO should inform the ELB when a child moves to stage 3.
  1. The SENCO will work with the external specialists and the classroom teacher to draw up a new EP for the child, considering different teaching approaches, support materials and ICT.
  1. The SENCO will make arrangements for monitoring progress against the EP, and will arrange a review of progress, usually within a term.

At Stage 4:

1. The SENCO will be asked for details of the assessment of, and provision for the child's special needs during his time at the school.

At Stage 5:

  1. The SENCO, or the class teacher, will be required to attend the annual review of a statemented child.
  2. The SENCO will be asked by the principal to provide written information about the child.
  3. After the review, the SENCO should receive a report summarizing outcomes and targets for the coming year.

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