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 Special Education Needs

People & Roles -


It is vital for all concerned that parents play an active role in the education of their child.  They know their child best and can explain what difficulties their child has.  They will be a great source of information in helping you to decide how best to work with the child. They have very many rights in relation to the type of education provided for the child.  They need to be kept informed and consulted on what is best.  If you have any concerns about a child you should discuss it with the parents first.

Study Points

Mr and Mrs Green have called into discuss the progress and needs of their daughter who has a specific learning difficulty.  Mr Green has spent half an hour demanding extra support and criticising the teaching provision. 

You need to be aware though, of the difficulties many parents have in relation to their child who has educational difficulties.  They may feel guilty and blame themselves for the problem; they may be reluctant to accept the fact that the child has a problem or they may appear as over-anxious because they want the best that can be done.

 For discussion:  Scenarios

You have already discussed the provision with the SENCO and it has been agreed that the child has been given adequate support. You have other parents waiting.  What are you going to do?

Further Information
Helpful Hints for Communicating with Parents (pdf)

What is it like to be a parent of a child with special needs?

SEN a guide for parents and carers.

The Perplexed Parent's Guide to SEN (This guide costs £5)

There are a number of useful downloads on the PCSP website specifically for parents to help with Learning Support. These include ideas on how parents can support schools and how they can help in maths and reading.

Parents' Education as Autism Therapists by Mickey Keenan, Ken Kerr and Karola Dillenburger

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