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 Special Education Needs

Types of Special Need -

Gifted Children

Gifted children are quite rare.  It is important to distinguish between children of high ability and those who are exceptional.

What to look for:

Gifted children often have emotional or behavioural difficulties also.  They can have excessive energy, short attention spans and get bored easily.  They can resent authority, flout the rules regularly and be particular about the ways they wish to learn.  They like to have secure and stable adults around them and can get frustrated if their ideas cannot be carried out.  They may have difficulties with fine motor skills and handwriting.  They are often highly sensitive and compassionate and can have strong fears over death and loss of family.

Testing:  IQ tests are sometimes used and a result of over 135 is a definite indicator but lower scores do not mean that the child is not gifted; other factors need to be taken into account.  It would be best to have the child assessed by the educational psychologist who can use a range of tests and consider other aspects of the child's development also.

Case Studies

Teaching Strategies

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