Study in Adult and Further Education Training in Ireland

The ‘SAFETTI’ research project represents Phase II of the WIT/TEQ longitudinal
research project initiated in 2013. It extends the research focus across the island of
Ireland building a clearer picture of the experience of AFE teacher professional
development and the role of transformative learning in supporting their evolving
ideal identity self-states.
The purpose of the SAFETTI research study was to explore how adult and further
education practitioners engage in professional learning and development. What are
the basic reasons why frontline practitioners seek to develop professionally? What
is the starting point for attaining further qualifications? Is it economic stability, selfprestige,
possibility for social improvement, advocacy in education, selfimprovement?
We suggested that identifying the starting point, the predominant
driving force, for the adult and further (AFE) educator, is critical in developing a
different and fulfilling pathway toward professional development.

Study in Adult and Further Education Teacher Training in Ireland Report