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An investigation into the experiences of primary school teachers with regard to their teaching of healthy eating guidelines within the curriculum

At the launch of the report were from left to right Elaine Mooney, Amanda McCloat and Eileen Kelly-Blakeney

To investigate/examine the perceptions, knowledge, attitudes and experiences of primary school teachers in their teaching of healthy eating.

  • To complete a comparative study of nutrition education with the primary level curricula in NI and R/I with regard to progression of key concepts from school entry age to completion of primary education stage.
  • To establish how teachers translate the syllabus into practice in their classrooms
  • To document teachers experiences of teaching healthy eating and nutrition within their respective SPHE syllabi
  • To determine levels of satisfaction with course content, teaching resources available, access to relevant information.
  • To identify barriers to effective teaching of the syllabus material and quantify issues of concern which are common to teachers within both jurisdictions.
  • To examine experiences in relation to implementation of related nutrition intervention programmes incorporated into the curriculum
  • To determine the supports required by teachers for enhanced teaching and learning of Healthy Eating Guidelines
Download the Primary School Teachers’ experiences of teaching healthy eating within the curriculum
Download the Primary School Teachers’ experiences of teaching healthy eating within the curriculum



Moving Image Arts

AS, A2 and from Sept 2009 GCSE

Moving Image Arts (MIA) is a qualification in the art of the moving image which has been introduced to schools across Northern Ireland by CCEA (the Council for the Curriculum and Examinations). Following the successful introduction of the pilot at AS-Level in the 03/04 and 04/05 academic years, the A2-Level syllabus has been taught from September 2005. MIA has been extended to A2 and from September 2009 it will be taught at GCSE.

There are teaching resources available for teachers and pupils studying Moving Image Arts on the Creative Learning in the Digital Age website, and CCEA’s MIA microsite.