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Teaching pupils with Dysarthia

  • Try to have the classroom as quiet as possible.
  • Make sure you are facing the child directly when speaking to him/her or the class including him/her.
  • Try to encourage the child to speak in short phrases.
  • Give him/her enough time to say what he/she wants to.
  • If you need him/her to repeat words, make it easy by just asking for the one word you didn’t hear/understand? e.g. You want to go where?Encourage him/her to use gestures etc. to help him/her explain what he/she is trying to say.
  • Encourage him/her to take his/her time when speaking.
  • Don’t keep at him/her to make all his/her words clear. As long as he/she communicates the basic message give praise..


This condition is a weakness of the muscles used for speaking.

What to look for:

The child might speak in a whisper, have slurred speech or appear to be talking through his nose.  There may also be other physical problems related to their being unable to control their muscle movement. Children with cerebral palsy often have dysarthia.

Teaching Strategies

People who can help: SENCO/Resource Teacher; Speech/Language Therapist


Further Information