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The role of the Physiotherapist (NI)

The physiotherapist is concerned with the gross motor skills and mobility of a child.  In cases where there has been an obvious physical difficulty the child will have been receiving support well before starting school.

The physiotherapist is often involved with children who have dyspraxia, are blind or have cerebral palsy, hydrocephalus, congenital syndromes, such as Downs Syndromespina bifida,  and progressive muscular conditions such as muscular dystrophy.  He/she may also be involved post-operatively where a child has a temporary physical difficulty, e.g. after an accident.

Although physiotherapists are happy to give advice to teachers, referrals must be done through the child’s medical practitioner and it is advisable to discuss concerns with parents first.

As part of the multidisciplinary team the physiotherapist is also asked to write a report as part of the statutory assessment which then will be used to draw up the child’s Statement of Special Educational Needs if the child has any physical problems which impact on his/her access to the curriculum.

In school the physiotherapist will advise the teacher and classroom assistant on the kinds of activities which will be helpful, e.g. exercise routines and games which could be done during P.E. lessons.