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ICT and primary school

All of these ideas and lesson plans have been created and used by practising teachers.

Recognising and using speech in written work Teaching aspects of language and grammar.

Image of CD ROM Drive

Encouraging creative writing (pdf) Creating a character for Wellington Square
Teaching prepositions (particularly suitable for pupils with speech & language difficulties)(pdf) .Use Oxford Reading Tree CD ROM to teach positional words.
Teaching prepositions 2 (pdf) Uses digital camera in PE to help with prepositions.
Using a website to promote reading (pdf) An activity to introduce a new book in the Wellington Square series.
Animated Alphabet (pdf) Phonics activity
Phonic Rhymes (pdf) Using the Internet for a phonics activity.
Starspell (pdf) Use Starspell CD ROM to teach initial sounds
Matti Mole’s Summer Holiday(Zip) Language worksheets to use with CD ROM
Just Grandma and Me (pdf) Using CD ROM to reinforce reading for meaning
The Tortoise and the Hare (pdf) Using CD ROM to improve language and vocabulary
Superheroes Newspaper Report (pdf) Writing a fictional report

Factfile on 3d shapes (pdf) Using digital camera, scanner and Word.

Image of Blocks

Shape and direction (pdf) Using a Roamer/Pixie to learn about directions
Interactive Powerpoint programs A series of basic maths programs, downloadable from the Internet.

Autumn (pdf) Using a digital camera as a stimulus for observation, talking, listening and writing.

Image of Autumn Tree

Farm Visit (pdf) Using digital camera and CD ROM Reader Rabbit to learn about animal life on a farm.
Spring (pdf) Using DTP, digital camera, word processing for cross-curricular activity.

I’m a Star (pdf) Activity to raise self-esteem
Personal Profile (pdf) Using Pic a Picture to develop self-image KS1 (age5-7)