Virtual Reality platforms for Game‐Based Learning

Ref: 03-2014/5-north
Name: J. Corbett
Email Address:
Phone Number: 061‐293240
Institution Address: Simvirtua Ltd., t/a MissionV
Seeking a partner/s in: Northern Ireland

Our team was supported by the Irish Department of Education and Skills in 2011 to deliver a pilot project to 20 primary schools across 14 counties which explored the affordances of Game‐Based Learning. Our online Virtual Reality platform gives students and teachers the capability to build their own curriculum aligned interactive learning experiences.

The following article and video document the culmination of that programme when the children in one school got to experience the interactive model of Clonmacnoise that they had built and programmed themselves, through a virtual reality headset for the first time  ‐‐school‐children‐are‐ building‐worlds‐for‐the‐oculus‐rift/

Feedback from the teachers who participated on the 20 school programme is to be found here ‐

And the key findings from the independent evaluation carried out by Dr. Conor Galvin at the UCD School of Education and Lifelong Learning are available here (PDF) ‐

We also partnered with NUI Maynooth when student teachers there used our software to build interactive learning experiences ‐

For example, they used it to teach the topic of chemical bonding ‐

We are seeking an academic lead partner with the aim to further develop transformative virtual online collaborative learning spaces.

Please Note: We are not a SCoTENS member.