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ICT and Art

ICT is particularly useful with pupils who have little or no drawing skills either through physical or cognitive difficulties. The manipulation of images on the computer screen and experimentation with composition and colour allows such pupils to engage in the Art curriculum in a way which would otherwise be inaccessible to them.

Of course it has huge advantages for more able pupils where it can take the tedium out of labour intensive tasks such as looking at different colour possibilities in surface pattern decoration. For all pupils it has the possibility of improving presentation of work and thereby raising self esteem

Using the mouse to create screen images(D.Barlow, Abbey Hill School, Stockton-on-Tees 2000)

ArtRage – a lovely free program which allow pupils to experiment with colour and texture.

Art and Science in Education: Moving towards creativity

The research will focused on:

  • Developing a dynamic interface in education on the island of Ireland that will harness the arts and science in a synergistic manner to enhance learning and teaching in schools.
  • Enhance creativity in teaching and learning.
  • Expand the application of visual literacy to learning in both Science and Technology.
  • Promote innovative strategies for assessment in Science and Technology that will measure skills in creativity and problem-solving and do not rely predominately on children’s written literacy and numeracy skills.

A conference was held in March 2008 in St Mary’s University College Belfast.