Each year, SCoTENS provides Seed Funding to support a number of collaborative research projects and professional activities in teacher education in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. To date, 151 research, conference and exchange projects have been funded. Information about funded projects that are now complete (including downloadable reports) can be found here.

The sums allocated are usually in the region of £3,000 – £6,000 (approx. €3,750 – €7,500). Please submit applications in Sterling and advise if you wish the grant to be paid in Euro. The exchange rate used will be that shown on on the day the payment is made.

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All proposals must be submitted by North-South partnerships. The two lead partners MUST be from institutions that are fully-paid up members of SCoTENS. The application must be signed by the Heads of Department/School or equivalent of the two lead partners to be considered for funding.  The SCoTENS committee is keen to receive proposals from people who have not been partners in SCoTENS-funded projects in the last 5 years or are new applicants.  Applications from North-South partners who co-facilitated workshops at SCoTENS Conferences and are interested in deepening their engagement and scholarship are also encouraged.