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A Filmmaking how to

This section has links to practical guides of how to use video cameras, different editing software, camera angles and shots


This BBC guide is comprehensive and easy to understand. It includes analysis of film shots, lighting and types of camera. There are videos from BBC programmes with voiceover explaining what the director was trying to achieve. This site is useful for the more advanced user.  http://www.bbctraining.com/modules/5915/index.htm


NEELB tv has a comprehensive list of publications and support materials relating to film production.


The CBBC Me and My Movie website gives a practical introduction to filmmaking aimed at children aged 6-14.

There is a 34 page guide pdficonsmall to get you started with introductory material on what you need, advice on how to make a drama, camera shots, shot sheet, filming tips, documentaries, animations and editing.


This paper, on the BECTA site, looks at digital video including methods of and devices for, capturing, editing and delivering digital video.


This site, set up by Tom Barrance in Wales and funded by the BFI, is a site specifically designed for teachers and provides practical information on teaching film, film-making and media literacy with examples of teaching ideas including case studies showing how to teach specific films, eg. Whalerider, as well as software suggestions. http://www.mediaed.org.uk/


UKfilmNet is a not-for-profit company Limited by Guarantee with the sole purpose of the creation and delivery of the best possible resources, learning materials and support for teachers and learners of film and media in the UK.

It aims to  build and extend more formally on the initial ideas, resources and approaches used in the development of www.sharedteaching.com, an online educational website community of teachers and students developed by the same team behind www.ukfilmnet.org.

There is an online forum and access to content is only available after registration.