A child in your class with Coeliac Disease

  • With a young child make sure all adults who are in contact with him/her know that she/he should not be eating flour products.  It might be a good idea for schools only to allow eating in certain supervised areas.
  • Have some gluten-free biscuits handy in case he/she forgets his break.
  • Use science and other aspects of the curriculum to teach pupils to look at the labels of food packages.  Discuss what each type of food does to your body and your health.
  • Use cartoons/videos/websites to explain to class what coeliac disease is.
  • Have a cake making session where you use gluten-free products.  Include a visit to the supermarket to find suitable products.
  • If you’re on a school trip/residential where meals are to be provided, let the caterers know in advance of pupils with special requirements.  If necessary, ask parents to send a written list of foods not suitable.