An Invitation To Tutors & Teachers In Training – Stories To Tell

Citizenship education projects such as Civic, Social and Political Education (CSPE) in the Republic and Education for Local and Global Citizenship provide opportunities for young people to get involved in action projects. In addition, a wide range of youth and community groups undertake actions to improve their communities.

By gathering accounts by individuals about their involvement in action projects, others will, we expect, be encouraged, inspired and gain practical advice about taking future action. Typically accounts will be no more than 800 words. They should be submitted electronically with your name, age, home address, school address, and the name of a teacher or youth leader who we can contact to confirm the accuracy of your account. The following headings are offered as guides to help you write your account.

  • What we actually did in our action projects and its focus;
  • Why we did this and the process by which we made the decision;
  • The effect our project had on me/the class/ the school/the community;
  • What I learned from doing the project;
  • Difficulties we encountered and overcame;
  • Benefits of this action;
  • Include: date (month & year) when project was executed, numbers involved, student’s name, class group, school’s name, class group, school’s name,

Submitting an account is no guarantee that it will be included in the website.

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