Case Study: ADHD

Andrew is thirteen and is in year 9 in high school. He has been diagnosed as having ADHD and has been taking Ritalin for the last eight months. He is in your form class but you also teach him four times a week.  You have just begun the new academic year.

In class you quickly notice that Andrew often goes off-task very quickly and does not finish the work which has been set.  He can make careless mistakes and appears not to be listening when you are giving instructions.  When you ask him to complete any activity which lasts longer than five minutes, he becomes distracted and will often then distract the other pupils around him.  As a result of his lack of attention he rarely remembers the right books for your class and seldom completes his homework.  His school bag and homework diary are a mess. Image of Child getting card



1. What type of ADHD do you think Andrew has from the description above?

2. What could you do to help Andrew learn more effectively in your class and in his other classes?

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