Behaviourally Challenged Pupils

Children may fall into this category for all sorts of reasons.  They are likely to have some or many other difficulties which cause frustration and lead to undesirable behaviour.  They may have difficulties socialisation with other people; they may find it hard to accept authority; they may be looking for attention or they may be using avoidance tactics to get out of doing something which is causing frustration. *see also emotional/behavioural difficulties.

The kind of behaviour that is often exhibited would include shouting out at inappropriate times in class, bad language, refusal to do what is asked, annoying other children, refusal to sit down, demanding of immediate attention, destroying of property.

If appropriate strategies to help these pupils are not put in place, they are at risk of suspension or even expulsion (NI) (RoI).

Case Studies

Teaching Strategies

People who can help: SENCO/Resource Teacher


Further Information

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