Case Study: Emotional and behavioural difficulties – Bobby

Image of Notice Board note
Bobby is 12 and in his first year at secondary school. He has repeatedly been in trouble for misbehaviour in school. He has been suspended twice and has had a period of outreach support in a behaviour modification unit. In science one day Bobby is involved in an activity and is asked to sit down and do something else. He does not want to do this and ignores the teacher’s request. Once more heis told to do this and herefuses.

At this point he is given a warning about behaviour and behaviour points marked against his name. Bobby objects to this. He starts to shout at the teacher who responds by shouting back, giving him more behaviour points and accompanying extra work for which blank paper is supplied. Bobby takes the paper, tears it into bits, write “F…… O…..” on each bit and throws them at the teacher. He is eventually told to leave the room