Case Study: Visual Impairment

Image of Declan using BrailleDeclan is 14. He is an albino and is totally blind.  This means that he has no pigments in his skin.  His hair is white and his eyes are very pink.  He must not go out in the sun without complete sun block.  He is of average intelligence and is very sociable.  Declan has learned braille from a period at a residential school which has encouraged him to be independent.  His parents have decided to try to have him educated at the local secondary school.  he will be seen by a visiting teacher for the blind at regular intervals and any textbooks he needs can be supplied in braille.

Declan wants to take part in everything and he has little or no fear.  If he is in a new situation he uses his hands to explore it (or him/her).  he is becoming quite strong and determined and does not like to be told what to do.  Because he cannot see things he wants to satisfy his curiosity by asking questions constantly.  Why? is his favourite word.  Sometimes Declan can be seen rocking backwards and forwards.  he does this when he has become confused and doesn’t know what is happening.