Emergency action in the event of an epileptic fit

Image of Nurse
You should be aware if any pupil in your class suffers from epilepsy.  You should also know the name of the key person who will help.  However, fits can occur without much warning and occasionally a pupil who has never had a fit before could have one.

Although it is alarming and worrying if someone is having a seizure to see him/her lashing out with arms and legs  he/she should NOT be restrained although any dangerous obstacles should be removed from around and if possible, something soft should be placed beneath the head.   Keep other pupils away and try to deal with the situation as calmly as possible.   Ask another pupil to inform the key worker.

Once the fit has stopped place him/her in the recovery position and give reassurance until full consciousness is regained.    A pupil may feel tired after the fit and in this event the key worker may decide to send the pupil home or to a medical room.

Normally there is no need to take any further action but if the fit continues beyond five minutes or if the pupil goes into another fit after coming out of the first one, then medical help is needed.