Emotionally Disturbed/Behavioural Problems

The behaviour of children with problems of this kind is likely to vary from situation to situation and from day to day.  One day the child may seem quiet and withdraw and refuse to engage in conversation, answering only with a grunt.  Other days they can seem friendly and sociable.  They may seem unable to control their emotions and are likely to have aggressive outbursts.  They can be very sensitive and because their self-esteem is low cannot ‘take a joke’. They are more likely to see it as a criticism.  They may also act as if they expect to be blamed for everything and have a persecution complex.  They often have little regard for the feelings of others and can be bullying or aggressive to others.

If appropriate strategies to help these pupils are not put in place, they are at risk of suspension or even expulsion (NI) (RoI).

Case Studies

Teaching Strategies

People who can help: SENCO/Resource Teacher


Further Information

Won’t they just grow out of it? (source: The Child Physiotherapy Trust)