Cross Border exploration of CPD needs of heads of year in a sample of comprehensive and integrated schools

The proposal is the first phase in a multi-phase project which aims to look at the understandings and relationships between the various stakeholders.

  • Phase 1: seeks to examine the CPD needs of heads of year in comprehensive and integrated schools by means of a comparative study.
  • Phase 2: will explore the attitudes of a sample of school principals
  • Phase 3: will research the attitudes and perceptions of a sample of students
  • Phase 4: will engage with parents and their expectations of the year head.
  • Phase 5: will explore the views of the providers of initial teacher education programmes and the Dept. of Ed. and Science and SPHE Support Services/Health Promotion Schools Network.
  • Phase 6: will design processes and modules in professional development for the key stake holders. The long term aim of the project is to build alliances between professionals to disseminate good practice across the island and develop materials and process which will improve the life chances of pupils and support teachers in their working lives.