ICT and Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASD)

Pupils with autism very often have unusual fixations on parts of objects; they focus on objects as though through a tunnel. When using a computer this can mean they are able to focus totally on the screen and to block out all distractions around them.

Using a computer can provide a very secure, comfortable environment for them as they feel less threatened, more in control of their surroundings, less likely to fail and they can choose whether or not to communicate with others.

It is possible to buy software which can help an autistic child with social concepts such as learning to understand facial expressions. http://ccoder.com/GainingFace/

Use the digital camera to help reinforce correct behaviour, e.g. take a photo of the child behaving as you want, for example, putting his/her hand up for attention. Put this in his/her book with a caption such as, “I will remember to put my hand up when I want something”. Read this regularly with the child at the appropriate times.

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