Teaching and Learning with Digital Video

This section of the SCoTENS website is a resource for teacher educators.

The site is designed to capture examples of what Alan November calls ‘transformative’ learning through the use of ICT.

He sees this type of learning as being on a continuum with ‘automated’ learning at one end (i.e. ICT simply being used to automate what was previously being done), ‘enhanced’ learning being the next stage where ICT is making a difference but ‘transformative learning’ goes beyond that to describe styles of learning that would not be possible without ICT.

With this in mind, and our emphasis on the moving image, the site has been organized into three main areas; ‘Teaching with Video’ looking at how video can ‘capture’ and demonstrate the use of ICT, ‘Making videos’ which lists practical websites with information on how teachers can make their own film either as part of the curriculum or as a self-reflective teaching tool. The final section and lists ‘Sources’ of digitized video content that can be screened in the classroom and in some cases downloaded and edited.