Images and Identity – Collaborative art and design education project within teacher education

The aim of this research work is to pilot and develop a collaborative art and design education project within initial teacher education North and South which will support the teaching of Citizenship Education across the whole island.

  • By examining how exploring personal and national identities through Art and Design can change student teachers and learners perceptions of themselves and others.
  • By promoting cooperation in (curriculum development) across institutions responsible for Initial Teacher Education in the Visual Arts in Ireland (with a specific North South dimension).
  • Focusing on the development, testing and implementation of innovative pedagogical materials in Art and Design, curriculum content and methods relating to the development of Citizenship Education.
  • Supporting the development of innovative ICT based content services, pedagogies and practice for lifelong learning.
  • Improving motivation for learning, and teaching and learning through the development of a range of approaches to teaching the visual arts to support transversal key competencies.