An Integrated Approach to Citizenship Education

School Implementation

“The method of implementation can be determined by the school, as long as the statutory minimum requirements are met. CCEA are expected to recommend good practice to be that the subject is given discrete time in the timetable and that modules be taught through a range of subjects, in order that its values be embedded throughout the ethos of the school (CCEA)”

“it is hoped that citizenship will not only support existing practice in the teaching of individual subjects but will also add a unique flavour to them. This can be achieved through linking the content of the citizenship requirements to the particular subject content that is relevant to it. This is effectively a cross-curricular approach and not an inter-disciplinary approach which would be combinations of subjects such as “integrated science” or “humanities”. Cross-curricular can have different meanings, but essentially it is about planned collaboration between subjects” (Arthur & Daniel Wright, 2001, p 25)

Some Examples:

  1. Citizenship Education, Art and Design
  2. Citizenship Education and History
  3. Citizenship and Science

These lesson plans and other resources are provided by PGCE students from the University of Ulster, School of Education.