Prosopanosia (Face Blindness)

This difficulty is when a person has a serious problem (more than the average person) in recognising faces and recalling names. This can be a problem for people with no other disabilities/difficulties or it can accompany other problems such as Tourette’s Syndrome.


Within this legislation it is necessary to make ‘reasonable accomodation’. Some ways in which this might be done.


Each member of the group/organisation could wear name tags.

Photographs and names could be provided either to individuals with the difficulty or on a noticeboard. Most schools will have photographs of all children on the SIMs system.

Provide a seating plan with photographs to each person who needs it while they are in class. The plans could be collected as they leave class.


It is not always straight forward for students to wear name badges – particularly when they may not take them off leaving school and this could be a child protection issue.

Displaying named photographs can also be a child protection issue.

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