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This directory is focused on higher education courses relevant to citizenship. Education for citizenship is a pressing issue for policy makers and practitioners, not only in the United Kingdom, but across Europe and, increasingly, much of the world. Many countries across Europe have introduced citizenship into the school curriculum as part of major, ongoing educational reforms over the past decade. Present thinking suggests that, though teachers of Local and Global Citizenship require a specific knowledge base, it is important that its practitioners have a commitment to its values and to the employment of active learning approaches in the curriculum.

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POSTGRADUATE CERTIFICATE/ POSTGRADUATE DIPLOMA/MSc IN EDUCATION This single course for teachers and related professionals comprises eight discrete pathways. Its overall aim is to contribute to the development of more highly qualified professionals capable of implementing research-based practice and sustaining improved standards of teaching and learning, leadership and education management. It has been designed to meet the professional needs of individuals, groups of individuals and whole educational institutions, flexibly and dynamically, in an effort to improve the quality of professional practice.

The eight pathways comprise:

  • Careers education and guidance
  • Education and contemporary society
  • Education for international development: local and global citizenship [Further Information ]
  • Education management*
  • Inclusive and special education
  • Information and communication technology
  • Learning and teaching
  • School library studies ( subject to approval)

The title of the award conferred will be that of Postgraduate Certificate or Diploma or MSc in Education followed, in brackets, by the name of the pathway taken. More detailed information on each pathway can be found at http://www.socsci.ulster.ac.uk/education/ under teaching information.

Postgraduate Diploma leading to MSc in Youth and Community Work

Postgraduate Diploma leading to the MSc in Youth and Community Work with professional endorsement by the Wales Youth Agency.

The course is intended for two distinct groups of students.

Pathway 1 – The course is specifically designed for graduates who possess a professional youth and community work qualification and who wish to study for a Postgraduate Diploma/ Masters degree in Youth and Community Work. Its aim is to develop critical discourse among those working in the fields of youth, community and education. The dissertation for the Masters award will be based on an action-orientated project carried out as a piece of independent self-directed study. The provision of an APEL module will allow candidates to gain accreditation towards their award by drawing on their experience in a structured way through reflection on their practice.

Pathway 2 – The course offers graduates the opportunity to work towards a professional qualification in the field of Youth and Community Work endorsed by the Wales Youth Agency. You will gain the nationally recognised professional award at the Postgraduate Diploma level and may continue your studies to Masters level if so required. The course meets both the professional and academic requirements set by the Wales Youth Agency and the University of Ulster.
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The aim of the course is to assist teachers, involved in the development of Civic, Social and Political Education in their schools, to develop their repertoire of teaching skills and to enhance their level of knowledge and understanding of society. The Course is a part-time one extending over a calendar year to allow participants a time framework for satisfactory professional engagement. The Course is conducted during evening hours to facilitate practising teachers. (Please click on Fees and Start Times.) Lectures, seminars and workshops will be given throughout the academic year. There will be some Saturday workshops. Participants are alerted that full attendance at all lectures, workshops and seminars is a requirement of this course
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MSc – Personal and Civic Education – QUB Graduate School at Queen’s The CCEA Northern Ireland Curriculum Review: Proposals for changes to the Northern Ireland Curriculum Framework (Phase 1 consultation) (2000) states that there should be a specific programme for Personal Education and Citizenship as a statutory entitlement for all young people from Key Stages 1 to 4, with a 5% proportion of timetable allocation respectively. The aims of this option are to provide teachers and education-related professionals with the opportunity to develop a conceptual and practical understanding of these recently proposed curriculum developments in the areas of Personal Education and Citizenship to underpin effective classroom delivery.

For this named award, students are required to study the following core modules:

  • Personal Education
  • Citizenship Education

Trinity College Dublin
Diploma in Educational Studies The Division of Teacher In-service Education offers a number of Diploma in Education Studies including one relating to Citizenship Education.

Global Dimension in Education
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citizED It is an organisation funded by the Training and Development Agency for Schools (TDA). It is a collaboration within higher education for all providers of initial teacher education in England. citizED is focussed on teacher education in primary, secondary, cross curricular, post 16 and community involvement contexts with outputs in the form of conferences, seminars, workshops, research papers and practical resources for teaching.

BeCAL is a learning gateway for students, teachers, leaders and researchers in education. BeCal supports citizenship education, at every age and all levels. The database is a collection of links to internet resources with a section dedicated to Citizenship Education.