In line with its objective of providing a supportive framework for collaborative research and professional activities in teacher education in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, SCoTENS provides ‘SEED FUNDING’ for projects such as research, conferences and exchanges which further this objective.

The sums allocated are in the region of Stg£3,000 – £6,000 (approx. €3,250 – €6,500).

The SCoTENS committee is particularly keen to receive proposals from people who have not yet been participants in such projects.  All proposals should be submitted by North South partnerships of researchers.  SCoTENS is not able to cover the cost of an institution’s overhead.

Applications submitted to fund a conference must give an indication of the expected number of delegates.  SCoTENS is not permitted by the funding Departments to subsidise the cost of conference attendance for individual delegates.  Spending must be on hotel booking, catering and related costs.

It is a requirement of the funding that a project narrative report is submitted within one month of the project’s completion and a project financial report is submitted within two months of the project’s completion.  The second and final tranche of funding is released when these are submitted.