Case Study: Speech, language and communication needs

Image of Child going to school
Robert is 9 and has a statement due to his difficulties in speech, both in expressing and understanding speech and his lack of ability in reading and writing. Robert now attends a speech & language unit after spending 3 years at a mainstream school where his behaviour was causing concern. He liked to have the attention of others around them and did this by shouting and making strange noises which attracted the attention of other children who seemed to find behaviour funny. Robert lives with foster parents and is reported to have been a very quiet child who spoke little in his early years and spent much time on his own.

In class Robert now has a tendency to shout out when he knows the answers, although his speech is still unclear. He is also very quick to point out the faults of other children. When the classroom assistant or other adult is in the class Robert will come up repeatedly and say he can’t do his work. When asked to read something he says, “I can’t read.” But in actual fact when encouraged by beginning the words for him, he can manage well. In writing Robert often can’t recall frequency words but he has been taught the strategy where he writes the words he knows and leaves the rest till the teacher has time for individual attention – I went into the tent _______ Santa. This works well for him as he doesn’t wait frustrated for a long time with no work done. He now works well with his five classmates and although still inclined to demand attention is learning to take his turn.

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