NumberShark – helps with basic numeracy, including those with poor short term memory, attention span and sequencing skills. White Space, 41 Mall Road, London W6
Mathsbase uses small steps and repetition to develop pupil confidence and maintain progress.
Tell the Time A free downloadable program which helps children and those who have EAL learn the language of time.
Picture Arithmetic & Tell the Time A free downloadable program
Tables and Time free downloadable games


Support Pack for Parents – designed to help children who are beginning to read and those who continue to struggle The Dyslexia Institute 01784 434243
Wordshark – 26 computer games using sound, graphics and text to help with word recognition and spelling White Space/REM
Look and Read Legend of the Lost Keys – Puzzles which aid reading for understanding and language skills. BBC Software/REM
Talking Write Away- a talking word processor for younger children Black Cat Software
Textease – talking word processor suitable for all ages Softease
Clicker- Cricksoft
(Speaking) Starspell – a look – cover -write method of teaching spelling Fisher-Marriot/REM
I Can Write – frameworks for children’s writing. Resource/REM
First Keys to Literacy – picture matching, letter recognition, spelling etc. Widgit/REM
Literacy resources and activities
Downloadable Spelling Games
Sounds & Rhymes – vowel sounds, initial and final consonants, word endings, rhyming words etc.
Dyslexia Screener Computer based assessment tool to help distinguish between poor reading ability and dyslexia.
Word Talk A free plug-in for MS Word which helps those with reading difficulties.
Gamz Player A free downloadable program which helps children with word reading and spelling.
Geography Features visits to vet, doctor, cafe etc. links from role play to real world
Simple City
Mind Mapping Software for Apple Mac computers
Children Achieving through Software SPLAT
Typing Tutor Learn to type free downloadable program www.senselang.comother cheap typing tutors at