Standing Together for Autism and Neurodevelopmental Difference (STAND)


STANDING TOGETHER FOR AUTISM AND NEURODEVELOPMENTAL DIFFERENCE (STAND) STAND is a special interest research group (SIG) based within the Inclusion in Education and Society Research Group (IES), in the School of Education, Trinity College Dublin. It promotes research generation, dissemination and publication related to autism and the lived experiences of people with intellectual disability, autism and/or neurodevelopmental/neurodiverse needs (across the lifespan), their families and their communities and the educational community. The aim and objective of this SIG is to raise awareness and lead dialogue across the community. This SIG offers researchers opportunities for a collaborative, multidisciplinary approach to research and the dissemination of research between practitioners, the autistic community, and parents/guardians/families of neuro-diverse people. In particular, the SIG offers a safe platform for the discussion of best practice experiences and outcomes and seeks to generate national and international research projects in this space. This SIG welcomes members from all sectors of education and support provision with a vision for thinking, planning, and acting inclusively in society.