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NumberShark – helps with basic numeracy, including those with poor short term memory, attention span and sequencing skills. White Space, 41 Mall Road, London W6 sales@wordshark.co.uk
Mathsbase uses small steps and repetition to develop pupil confidence and maintain progress. http://www.mathsproject.com/
Tell the Time A free downloadable program which helps children and those who have EAL learn the language of time. www.simonmidgley.co.uk/software/numeracy/telltime.htm
Picture Arithmetic & Tell the Time A free downloadable program www.simonmidgley.co.uk/software/numeracy/picarth.htmwww.simonmidgley.co.uk/software/numeracy/telltime.htm
Tables and Time free downloadable games www.rayslearning.com


Support Pack for Parents – designed to help children who are beginning to read and those who continue to struggle The Dyslexia Institute 01784 434243
Wordshark – 26 computer games using sound, graphics and text to help with word recognition and spelling White Space/REM http://www.r-e-m.co.uk
Look and Read Legend of the Lost Keys – Puzzles which aid reading for understanding and language skills. BBC Software/REM www.r-e-m.co.uk
Talking Write Away- a talking word processor for younger children Black Cat Software
Textease – talking word processor suitable for all ages Softease http://www.textease.com/
Clicker- Cricksoft www.cricksoft.com/uk
(Speaking) Starspell – a look – cover -write method of teaching spelling Fisher-Marriot/REM www.r-e-m.co.uk
I Can Write – frameworks for children’s writing. Resource/REM
First Keys to Literacy – picture matching, letter recognition, spelling etc. Widgit/REM
Literacy resources and activities http://www.dyslexic.com/products.php?pid=168
Downloadable Spelling Games http://www.hants.org.uk/
Sounds & Rhymes – vowel sounds, initial and final consonants, word endings, rhyming words etc. sales@dyslexic.com
Dyslexia Screener Computer based assessment tool to help distinguish between poor reading ability and dyslexia. www.nfer-nelson.co.uk/catalogue/catalogue_detail.asp?catid=85&id=1025
Word Talk A free plug-in for MS Word which helps those with reading difficulties. http://www.wordtalk.org.uk
Gamz Player A free downloadable program which helps children with word reading and spelling. www.simonmidgley.co.uk/software/numeracy/gamz.htm
Geography Features visits to vet, doctor, cafe etc. links from role play to real world
Simple City
Mind Mapping Software for Apple Mac computers http://www.nova-mind.com/InnovationTools/hem/
Children Achieving through Software SPLAT http://www.cats-edu.co.uk
Typing Tutor Learn to type free downloadable program www.senselang.comother cheap typing tutors at http://typingsoft.com/all_typing_tutors.htm#TTOD