Teacher Education Tutors’ Practice in ICT

The overall aim of this project is to investigate Initial Teacher Education (ITE) tutors’ perceptions of purpose and practice in the use of ICT. Two key research questions will be the focus of this study: • What are the models of practice utilised in the ITE provision? • What challenges are faced by ITE tutors in terms of their own professional development in new and emerging technologies? The place of ICT in teaching and learning continues to be fundamental, especially in knowledge-based economies. However, relatively little recent work has been done on the perceptions of Initial Teacher Education tutors’ understanding of the role of ICT in the professional education of student teachers. Some may see their role as ‘functionalist’, preparing student teachers to use ICT within current school requirements; others may consider their role in a more strategic way to include a critique of existing policies and practice while in some instances, tutors may regard their role as ‘transformative’ by enabling students to support new ways of learning through embracing highly innovative approaches.(Hadyn, 2014, Haydn and Barton, 2008). However to what extent are these ‘models’ or paradigms evidenced in the pedagogy of the ITE tutor? To date little empirical evidence exists to address this question, nor have other models of practice been identified.

Teacher Education Tutors’ Practice in ICT Report