Teaching a child with Dyscalculia

  • Don’t expect the child to recite tables or other facts.
  • Give him/her concrete reference materials wherever possible, e.g. a number square or calculator.
  • Teach pupils to follow a given method with steps for problem solving.
  • Provide wall charts/maths dictionaries etc. with maths language definitions.
  • Put a list of numbers and their spellings on a prompt card.
  • Make prompt cards with symbols and alternative names.
  • Provide audio tapes of multiplication tables.
  • Use headed columns for place value.
  • Use arrows to explain direction of computation.

Further Information

There is now a piece of software called Dyscalculia Screener which will be available soon in all schools on the C2K system.

Touch Maths a multi-sensory approach to maths. Free samples and information available on the website.


Some number recognition games are available at Priory Woods website.