Teaching gifted pupils

  • Encourage children to be independent; support them when they use their initiative.
  • Try and encourage them to respect the opinions and ideas of others.
  • Although very intelligent, these children still need to be socialising with their peers; encourage them to take part in pair, group and other learning groups.
  • Encourage them to reflect on their own learning and think about how they make progress.
  • Listen to their views on how they like to learn and provide opportunities for this, but encourage them to develop other learning strategies also.
  • Use wrong answers as a learning opportunity.
  • Give them opportunities to consider questions/problems to which there is no definitive answer.
  • Provide higher level tasks than usual in lessons; provide a bank of higher level extension activities to encourage all pupils to aspire to a high standard.

Further Information

A Whole School Policy for Gifted and Talented Pupils with a Learning Difficulty
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